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Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot

OVC Photography Services

Going to a photo studio for corporate headshots or team photos sounds simple enough: show up, pose as you are told, and the images will come out looking great. In reality, however, there is much more to a successful photo shoot than simply sitting in front of the camera. At OVC Photography, we understand that stunning visual images are the result of advance planning and cooperation between our team and our clients.

If you have a photo session scheduled in the next few weeks, there are some things you should know so that the shoot goes as smooth as possible:

  • Bring a wardrobe change:

    Like most portrait studios, OVC Photography offers a variety of backgrounds for headshots and group photos, and it is possible that the clothes you decide to wear will not show up well in the final image. Consider bringing a second and third shirt and tie, or a different jacket. This can be especially helpful for larger groups so that color choices can be balanced. Bold patterns, seasonal clothing, and large accessories are not usually advisable. Strive for uniqueness without being overbearing. Groups should try to coordinate colors.

  • Touch-ups:

    Be sure to bring along whatever personal items you may need to look refreshed right before the shoot. Men should bring a comb or a razor, while women may want makeup, a brush, and hairspray. A toothbrush and toothpaste are also good ideas to refresh your smile. Many men would also benefit from a dusting of face powder.

  • Be relaxed and coachable:

    Our team has more than 20 years of professional photography experience, and we know how to create shots that capture the best in our clients. You may have an idea of how you would like your photo to look, but we have the knowledge and skill to make it work.

  • Details Details

    You may not realize it but many photos are compromised by the smallest details. Scuffed or worn out shoes, dirty fingernails and ill-fitting clothes are some of the issues we see frequently. While we can touch up some issues, others are harder to manage, such as a pulling suit coat or a hangover. Paying attention to the minor things can make for a better photo.

  • Schedule appropriately and be patient:

    Between test shots, wardrobe adjustments, and possible equipment issues, your shoot is probably going to take longer than you expect. Be present at the expected time and try not to schedule anything important immediately afterward. If you are stressed about time, it will probably show in your pictures.

  • Address unique needs in advance:

    Is one of your team members in a wheelchair? Do you have your heart set on a group photo taken in front of your building? We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests, but advance planning is key. This will allow us to prepare any needed equipment and to schedule our shoot accordingly based on position of the sun, traffic and parking restrictions.

Start Planning Your Shoot Today

A successful photo shoot begins long before the camera starts flashing; it starts with an in-depth strategy session with an experienced photographer. Contact our office today to discuss your needs with a member of our team. Call 630-250-5678 or visit our studio in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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